Today is a special day. It’s the anniversary of signing over your sexual life to Goddess Tiffany, and she is free to do whatever she pleases with you. You wanted this, and now you finally have it. To celebrate, she decides to push her control over you further than you ever imagined possible. She wants her sexpet to…suck cock. She knows it’s your first time, but it still won’t be gentle. She doesn’t care if you’re gay or not, you’re doing it because it pleases Her. You need to spoil cock with your fuckhole. It’s very important that you do your best…this isn’t just any cock. This is a hung, juicy, veiny cock, and Goddess Tiffany’s favorite lover to sleep with. Don’t you want to impress him? Don’t you want to be a good pet?

Contains the following:
femdom • sadism • contract • sex pet • enfxrced bi • blowjob • throatfucking • rough • light humiliation • bondage • pov you are submissive

Disclaimer for credit card companies:
All participants in this roleplay are consenting adults. The sexpet has willingly signed a contract. 

Why was this rated rosered?
Too toxic. Enfxrced bi. Too rough. Degrading.

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