Yandere; a passionately sexual and controlling obsession. Do you have what it takes to be the object of possession from a yandere demon succubus? You might, but…what if you were the first one who ever summoned her?

Because this sex demon can read your mind. And you have the only mind she’s ever wanted to know so well. She knows your every urge, every desire…and she is going to use it to her advange. She is going to make you obsessed with how she drains you, and makes you cum over and over again for her.

She wants to be the only thing in your life you want to cum to anymore. And she will use every single tool she has to make that happen. You deeply want to surrender to her, so you give in and let go.

Because deep down, you know you want this. Even if it is intense…you summoned her for a reason, and it feels too good to stop.

Style: Informational

femdom • demom • succubus • yandere • toxic relationship • obsession • addiction • light bondage • blowjob • sex • orgasm • pov you are submissive

Disclaimer for credit card companies:
All parties are consenting in this video. 🖤

Why was this rated rosered?
Too toxic.

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