Can you last long enough for us?!


We know you want it. But…are you able to pass our challenge? We want to make sure you last long enough! We really want to admit you into the dungeon, but there’s rules. This is an elite club, and we don’t let everyone in.

No, you need to prove you’re special. This is the only challenge you need to pass: TRY NOT TO CUM TOO FAST! We want hung men who can make us cum over and over again. Are you sure you have what it takes?! If you do, then we’ll fuck you again. We know how much you want to keep going. We hope you can handle us!
You’ll be handcuffed to the bed while we do whatever we want with you. And you’ll love it, but hopefully not so much that you can’t last! We’re going to suck your cock, titty fuck you, and cum as many times as we can. Will you be able to make it?

contains the following:
lightest femdom • roleplay • threesome • wrist bondage • try not to cum challenge • blowjob • sex • orgasms • pov you are submissive

Disclaimer for credit card companies:
All parties are consenting in this video. 🖤

Why was this rated rosered?
Two performers / seemed like twins.

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