I enjoy giving a magnetic and passionate experience neither of us will forget. I have been modeling and entertaining for my entire adult life. I have a daily lifestyle effort into making my aesthetic look the best it possibly can so that we can have the best experience together. To me, being an entertainer and model is a way of life. My daily lifestyle is intense and rigorous; flawless high-end makeup, expensive skincare, a calculated diet, and disciplined fitness give you the best visual experience imaginable. My measurements are 32in – 24in – 35in. I haven’t had any surgeries or body modifications, including no tattoos.

I have several interests; I have had enough time to know what I do and don’t like. I have divided my interests into two categories. Please look before for a general idea of what I offer. If you don’t see something listed which you want to try, just ask. So long as it is legal, and fetish or FemDom related, I will consider it. ❤️

The below list outlines what I do in live sessions, and what I’m willing to cater to in voicework.

Voice Acting / ASMR

I am slightly looser with my voice acting. The world of ASMR is slightly more imaginative, and I enjoy trying different things.

Hard Limits

  • I will not tolerate being humiliated, embarrassed, or degraded. For any reason ever. Without exception.
  • I will not be abused, verbally, emotionally, or mentally.
  • I am not submissive, and do not act submissive during voice acting sessions.
  • I am purely lawful. I don’t do anything illegal for any reason. This includes:
    • “laws” (Terms of Service) of the site you contact Me on.
    • “laws” of the payment processors.
    • laws of the United States.
  • You must be over 18, and I will not engage in roleplays or fantasies where someone is underage.
  • No hate speech. I don’t appreciate racism. I will not participate in humiliating someone solely for their race. Physical attributes, however, are completely acceptable outside the scope of race.
  • No piss or scat. No animals.
  • No fart/smell content.

Soft Limits

The following are things I’ll consider, but only with limits and restrictions. If I feel uncomfortable, I will not do it. If you try to negotiate my limits, or try to debate my limits with me, I will block you without hesitation if I believe you are doing so with the intention of being malicious.

  • My typecast matters to me. I want to be typecast in a position of authority, however strong or weak it may be.
    • Examples of a good typecasts are: villains, a giantess, a bully, a police officer, a mystic who can use magic, your Mistress who you serve, your Goddess, etc. One with the upper hand, and/or antagonists.
    • Examples of hot/good neutral typecasts are: a futa girlfriend who is penetrating you and using you as the dominant role on the relationship.
    • Examples of bad typecasts: Romeo/Juliet scripts, friends to lovers scripts (without a power element), a cute girl in your classes who you want to have a relationship with, your manic pixie dream girl, nervous shy girl doms you for the first time.
  • Some positions of authority are weak, but still fun. For example, a game of strip poker is a fine weak authority, but so long as I win it’s completely fine and fun. I just don’t want every single clip to be “fun” so you will see me throw in harder ones after doing one like this semi frequently.
  • I will consider the rare “femdom” clip where a male character is tied up and getting “used” by my character because there’s a very light element of “femdom” in it. But these femdom elements are very weak, so I’m automatically cautious and skeptical. But if I feel like it’s teetering the line too far into “the lover” or a “girlfriend” type thing, I will outright reject it. I’m not your girlfriend, I am your Domme. Thus, this depends on the script and request, and intentions of the listener.
  • I would rather call you “good” than “good boy” because “boy” is often banned on sites for silly reasons I don’t agree with.
  • I will consider cuckolding with restrictions. Some cucks are secretly getting off to seeing a woman being degraded. A lot of you all only want penetration with the biggest cocks imaginable and that puts me in a degrading position (see my very first limit).
  • I am completely fine with role reversal, gender fluidity, and etc. However, if you want me to voice stuff with someone who is actively using both parts, then you need to give me the adequate time to get into character and take breaks because too much fluidity in one script messes with my head and might cause mental distress.

Domme Sessions

My services are strictly online. I do not meet. I have several interests; I have had enough time to know what I do and don’t like. If you don’t see something listed which you want to try, just ask. If you need time for aftercare, please book additional time where that can be done, and make sure to let Me know how much time you’ll need. A good safe word is mercy; if that is too much for you, you’re also free to disconnect at any time.

I am a native English speaker, and am from the United States.

If this is our first time doing a session, you must fill this out:

(List to pick from is right below; simply copy and paste what appeals to you.)

About me as a submissive, Goddess.
Questions: (Anything you’d like to ask?)

I offer a large variety of shows. First, look at what style you’d prefer. Then, look at the specific kink you would like.


First, the styles– Pussyfree (softest), Sensual Style (Softcore), and Sadist Style (Hardcore) +(emotional or physical pain) and Training.


After this, you’ll see categories / specific kinks / fetishes I cater to. I’ll need you to give me one to three of these. They are listed in alphabetical order for our convenience.

If you don’t see something you like, just ask.

Clothed Shows (Softest)

  • Wife/Girlfriend Humiliation & Comparison
  • Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM)
  • Clothed Talking & Conversation Shows
  • Confession Shows / Fantasy Discussions
  • Gay Encouragement

Sensual (Softcore)

  • (Light) Pain & Pleasure
  • Ass Worship
  • AtM Encouragement
  • Body Worship
  • Caging / Confinement
  • Candle Wax / Ice Cubes / Temperature Play,
  • Chastity
  • Cum Eating Instruction / Cum Eating Encouragement
  • Dressing Up (Everything To Do With It)
  • Edging
  • Encouraged Bi
  • Facesitting
  • Sensual Bondage
  • Goddess Worship
  • Homewrecking Roleplays
  • Jerk Off Instruction / Jerk Off Encouragement
  • Ordering to Masturbate
  • Orgasm Control
  • Sensual Discipline
  • Sensual Ruined Orgasms
  • Tease and Denial

Sadism (Hardcore) Mental / Emotional Pain:

  • Begging
  • Cum Eating Instruction + Humiliation
  • Degradation
  • Dicipline
  • Feminization
  • Humiliation
  • Jerk Off Addict Humiliation
  • Punishments
  • Sissification
  • Small Penis Humiliation / SPH
  • Tease and Denial
  • Teasing

Sadism (Hardcore) Physical Pain:

  • Candle Wax
  • Clamps + Clips
  • Cock Gagging
  • Cock and Ball Torment / CBT
  • Deep Throating / Face Fucking
  • Discipline
  • Pleading
  • Punishments
  • Ruined Orgasms
  • Impact Play


  • Anal Training
  • Blue Ball Training
  • Chastity Training
  • Deep Throat Training
  • Ruined Orgasm Training


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